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OCT 5TH, 2019-

APR 31ST, 2020

:a WHOLE wOrLd:

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11-15 Court Road, Bedford, NY 10506

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Atelier Omiros and La Galleria will present Omiros' ":a WHOLE wOrLd:" exhibition. The exhibition will run from October 5th, 2019 - April 30th, 2020 with an opening reception on October 5th, 2019 from 6-9 p.m.


Alive with dynamic color and dazzling motion, these masterful paintings by Omiros span from the 1960's into the 21st century, and encompass his Minimalist, Abstract, Fashion, Sports, Equestrian, Four Seasons, Formula 1 and Pure Abstraction series.  As a title for a single exhibition, ​":a WHOLE wOrLd:" may sound a bit ambitious, yet Omiros was as epic as his name "Homer" in Greek. Here is an artist who painted colossal 400-yard canvases of deep space! 


The exhibition title comes from one of the abstract paintings selected for the exhibit, itself a vast composition measuring nearly eighteen feet wide. 

This centerpiece of the new exhibition will hang amid an array of other stunning works depicting everything from the four seasons, fashion, to equestrians and Formula 1.

As wide as the range of topics is, every single work represents Omiros' unwavering goal throughout his life: "to praise beauty in all its forms". -Omiros.

Be sure to visit Atelier Omiros and La Galleria as soon as possible to view ​​":a WHOLE wOrLd:" through the eyes of Omiros.