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11-15 Court Road
Bedford, New York 10506

(914) 764 - 2223

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Atelier Omiros and La Galleria in Bedford, New York is an art gallery and the exclusive agent dedicated to exhibiting Omiros, a great master from the 20th and 21st Century. He was a transforming artist in the 50s & 60s, where he spurred the Minimalist movement with Yves Klein and eventually wrote his own pictorial language in art: Figural Abstraction.

The gallery presents exhibitions from Omiros' most important periods such as The Byzantine, that will last a year or longer and from Omiros' themes and series in rolling exhibitions that will change every four months such as the upcoming :a WHOLE wOrLd: exhibition.

The gallery also presents other local installations from Omiros' very early gouaches from his "Mon Espace Libre" (My Free Space) and his last works which were Pure Abstraction.

Welcome to Atelier Omiros & La Galleria!