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SEPT 19TH, 2019-

DEC  19TH, 2019


In the late 50s, Omiros became fascinated by the infinite expanses of space in the universe. At this time, he called his paintings “Mon Espace Libre”: “My Free Space”. He wondered: “what happens to perspective at the end of space?” He began his Minimalist period, where here began to minimize and reduce the pigment in the paint in order to see. He realizes that perspective needs a concept to be perceived and when you add pigment back, the perception of perspective becomes real. But where does perspective go when you can no longer perceive it? Is it still there in space?

Thus began his quest between abstraction and figuration to see perspective in and out of space like no one has done before. At the juncture and conjuncture of space in abstraction and in figuration, he began to create his Free Space, a new scale, a new definition of surface, a new syntax of relationships among the space, pigment, edge, and figure; displacing the hierarchies of figuration with an unprecedented and powerful intricate self-generating structure, forever extending the syntax of his pictorial language and creating his own pictorial language in art. 

This exhibition encompasses paintings from Minimalism to Figural Abstraction, to Pure Abstraction, all depicting Omiros’ mastery in the incredible juxtaposition of style from the abstract to the figurative and back.