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JUN 20TH, 2019-

OCT 21TH, 2019


This exhibition, titled "Pure Abstraction" presents the artist Omiros at the final juncture and conjuncture of his "Free Space" exploration between abstraction and figuration that he began in the 50s, when he wanted to see what happens to perspective at the end of space. 

In his quest, Omiros created a new scale, a new definition of surface, a new syntax of relationships among particles in space, pigment and edge, forever extending the syntax of his pictorial language in art, Figural Abstraction.

Omiros’ pure abstractions in this exhibition, are the culmination of his masterpiece. The abstractions are the very active tiny particles that exist and collide in space, which have finally become visible to him, through his exploration to see if perspective really still exists beyond the end of space.

His grasp is so strong that he can grab them from space and they allow themselves to be placed onto his canvas in their colors, and in their shapes they coalesce. From the chaos of space, they acquire virtues such as perspective, harmony, purity, simplicity and beautiful figural form.