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From 1979 to 2007, Omiros captured the stories of the divine in a sublime and pure manner onto wood, silk, cardboard resembling small portable wooden panels, and canvas that can only speak in the color of spirit. Omiros painted the iconic holy stories of the Byzantine as an artist living in the 20th and 21st Centuries, 500+ hundred years after the end of the Byzantine Empire. ​He developed stylistic expressions such as elongated figures that rise beyond the natural to the transcendental.Explosions of color transforming figures, movements and expressions with multi-figured compositions in vibrant celestial scapes. His figures although abstracted, dramatic and yet expressionistic, are imbued with the sensation of the holy. 

For the Byzantine worshiper, their contemplation allowed for direct communication with the holy figures represented, and through the icons, an individual’s prayers were addressed directly to the petitioned saint or holy figure. Healing, good fortune, valor, strength, assistance and hope were among the requests.


​For us today, Omiros with unequaled roles patristics, scholar, theologian, storyteller and spiritual pater, is able to deftly guide us on our own internal spiritual pilgrimage, where an innermost personal connection can be felt of some of the Byzantine's most worshipped icons and narrative...